Pefect Imperfection: Why Being Yourself Is Beautiful

You have no way of verifying this, but I’m an average looking girl (sorry, woman; I haven’t got to grips with the fact that I’m an adult now). However, I grew up in a Pakistani community which mistook my paleness for beauty, so I was fortunate enough to be told that I’m pretty and that I’m beautiful. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m sitting here, comfortable enough in my own skin, to be writing this blog.

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What Life Is All About

My daughter said this to me tonight as we wrapped up our evening: “I love our mommy and daughter times. I mean it’s fun when daddy is here, but it’s also nice when it’s just the two of us”. I decided that on a random Wednesday we were going to go to the bookstore and then for dinner. She had a great time, chatting with me about school, what she’s learning and the things she likes. At almost 8 years old, Kay is an actual person. She has her likes, dislikes and things she’s passionate about. Two of them are reading and Turkish food – so tonight I combined the two and she was quite happy.

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